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Are you facing technical glitches during the use of your devices? Allow our experts to solve your tech issues or problems. Our experts are 100% reliable and you can rely on our services for a perfect and right solution.

Business of Support Service is to help the users in using the devices and day to day operations without any hindrances. People use the wifi routers, computers, printers, Roku to watch TV and Kindle to read books and playing games and other technical gadgets to run their day to day operations and tasks. We provide the remote technical support to our clients and insure the smooth functionality of the device. We just take the remote control of the device with the permission of the client and solve the issue in front of the client. We provide customize online support & solution on the basis of the problems of the clients.

We at GlobalTech Crew to help you out in solving the issues or problems which affect the day to day functionality of the gadgets. It doesn’t matter that which brand’s device you are using we provide the support service for all the devices of top brands of PC, laptop, antivirus, browser, printer, Amazon Kindle and Roku on just a call. And you don’t have to pay for the call which you make to us. It is a toll free number. We are able to work on latest technology and updated versions of the devices. We are available 24*7 to help you out in your problems and make sure that your device work smoothly without any hindrances.


Troubleshooting, find the issues & problems in the device and repair issues of gadgets, antivirus device and operating system.


Our team of technical experts is able to solve all your problems related to the browser. We make sure that it works fast without hanging and as per your requirements.

PC optimization

We also help you in PC optimization by updating all outdated software, removal of viruses, malwares, adware and spyware and make sure that it works as per your requirements and needs.

Online Support

Support is via online technical support service 24*7 over the internet and phone by the certified experts. To improve the performance of the technical gadget.